toby brown

Hello there viewer! I’m Toby, a passionate and curious designer specialising in visual identity, branding, and typography. Driven by the pursuit to create positive impact, I utilise blue-sky thinking and honest communication to deliver creative solutions. I believe in building value through discovery and research; putting trust into the process to ensure a quality finish with great attention to detail. There is no such thing as ‘that'll do.’ 

I’m a Somerset boy born and raised, so naturally I have a strong appetite for cheese and cider. Collecting antiques, such as pocket watches, and a fascination for classic cars sparked my interest in design. There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring the outdoors, discovering new places and engaging in new activities. Anything is worth a shot as long as it’s exciting!


Solace CBD Coffee

Solace is a CBD-infused coffee brand on a mission to relieve you of the pressures and worries of everyday life. Solace takes mental health and climate change seriously; combining the two to create a reusable CBD-infused coffee brand that is good for your mind and the environment. Once finished, the aluminium tins can be brought back for a discounted coffee refill. This reduces the amount of packaging needed, thus limiting the production of unnecessary packaging and transportation. Solace is a dependable coffee company that values its customers and offers a helping hand for those in need.

Word by Word Campaign

In the UK, men are three times as likely to die by suicide than women. Word By Word is a mental health campaign aimed at removing the stigma around male mental health. The goal is to get men talking about mental health one step, word and chat at a time. The campaign is primarily aimed at men under 25. The campaign includes a stop motion animation, supported by a series of posters and environmental graphics. The use of stop motion was important as it allowed the words to be produced frame by frame, reflecting the gradual progress of the journey.

The Meatless Butcher

The overproduction of livestock is a rising global issue that contributes to unsustainable methods and results. The Meatless Butcher is on a mission to reduce the strain on the meat industry by providing curious meat eaters protein without compromise; meat eaters wanting to help make a positive impact, but without sacrificing on quality and taste. This organic meat is made from plants for a healthier body and happier environment. The brand uses the display typeface Prime Cut;  a custom sans serif influenced by traditional butchery to create a sense of familiarity and integrity.