Hi, I’m Sarah! I'm a creative designer studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design @ Plymouth College of Art.

I have always loved art throughout my life so I'm very passionate about my work and push my skills forward while having fun during the process. My favourite fields are brand identity, motion graphics and illustration. I've also been picking up an interest for web design using Webflow. I had a lot of fun putting together this website for our class! Other than design, I enjoy spending my free time playing video games, going for walks and catching Pokémon.



This was a student competition with a live brief set out by giffgaff. They asked for a short, unexpected, video that tells their recycle story in four easy steps along with Instagram story assets and a set of digital display banners. It was important that I kept inline with their visual identity. I was free to create my own illustrations but I followed their brand guidelines, colour palette and typography to keep their distinct identity intact. The animation is fast paced to keep the viewers engaged while explaining each step of the process.


Penguin books hold a student competition that occurs every year. The brief is to design an innovative book cover from the book genres given. My chosen book was ‘The Night Manager’ by John le Carré. I read the book to give me a better idea of the story and help me design a cover. This helps me make a relevant cover with a deeper connection to the story rather than just jumping straight to a design. I created a simple design with the Matterhorn mountain and a pyramid. These were both prime locations in the story. The colour red was used to signify war.


This was a freelance project of mine and was tasked with designing a logo for an upcoming gaming team named Reign. To reign means to be King or Queen and rule and evoke power. I wanted to make sure this was very clear in the logo so I designed a logo that precisely defines ‘reign’. It symbolises a crown and is very striking and bold like a true team. I also animated the logo using After Effects to make a very simple motion logo. The crown opens up as if it is growing in power.