Hellooo, I’m Poppi and I am a Graphic designer, Photographer and Illustrator from Bristol. 

I am currently studying Graphic Design at Plymouth College of Arts and have a love for branding, magazine design, designing album covers & event posters and anything that gives me the opportunity to create something funky! I am always trying to show my creativity through my designs, drawings and photography, which are all equally important to me, and when possible, I try to merge all 3 skills together to create unique, multimedia content.

Apart from being a creative person, I also have a passion for skateboarding, djing, and film photography, along with socializing with friends and family (and my dog of course).



FASHION FREAKZ Magazine is a publication all about a mythical creature called an Amalamoda, who is obsessed with fashion and high end brands. The creature may not be real, however all of the interviews, stories, etc are all from real life people who love clothes a bit too much or have made their own clothes and accessories. This magazine showcases my Illustration, Photography and Graphic design skills, and gave me a chance to express myself through the use of colour and layout design.

Key4life Campaign

Key4life is a company that helps 10-17 year old boys from reoffending and gives them a chance to turn their life around with a rehabilitation programme. The brief stated it wanted a typography-led campaign that would make young boys stop in their tracks and reevaluate the bad things they were doing in their lives and make them want to make a change. I produced 3 different posters, one more literal and brutal to try and get the message across (using a knife and blood), one completely typography based and the final one more subtle and nostalgic, using lego to create all of the elements within it.

TuSWEET Smoothies

TuSWEET Smoothies is a delicious pre-mixed alcoholic smoothie brand, which aims to leave your taste buds tingling, whilst giving people a funky alternative to boring vases and helping to save endangered safari animals. TuSWEET Smoothies are completely recyclable and once empty and the label removed, you can use the carton as a vase for any type of flowers (dried, alive, fake). These smoothies are for funky people who give a cr*p about sustainability and animals that are going extinct, which is why with every purchase you make, half the profits go to helping those safari animals that are in need of some help. The cartons come in 3 sizes, 350ml, 500ml and 700ml and can be bought singular or as a multipack.