MOLLY williams

Hi! I’m Molly, a third year Graphic Design student currently based in North Devon.

I have a diverse skill set within the creative industry and I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges. While very diverse, my aesthetic approach often involves a distinct sense of play, aiming to put the fun in functional. I have a real passion for brand identity, packaging and social media but I am constantly looking to build my knowledge in the design world.

A healthy body and mind is important to me, and I enjoy working out in my spare time which helps me stay fresh and allows my creative ideas to flow. When I am not doing this you will find me buying plants and filling my camera roll full of design inspirations. 


Fitness Kitchen

Fitness Kitchen is a Plymouth based nutritional meal prep delivery service. They reached out to me to produce their visual identity. Their brief was that they wanted to include the colour blue and feature a muscle man illustration to show the nutritional benefits of their product. This concept then developed into content for their social media and the design and printing of menus and packaging. The brand has been received well and even endorsed by Olympic athletes who are using their services.


SEAPODS was a University brief where we were asked to create an innovative coffee brand. The idea behind SEAPODS is that it is an ethical and sustainable product that delivers your coffee hit without the cost to the environment. Being made from seaweed balls that encase the coffee, it allows the flavour to infuse your beverage while the seaweed dissolves into a flavourless, nutritional boost. This is the perfect solution for the busy coffee drinker on the go who can just throw a SEAPOD into their bag to ‘seas the day’.