Hi, I'm Georgia, a third year Graphic Design student studying at Plymouth College of Art, I live close to the Plymouth Hoe. 

I work across different areas of Graphic Design, but specifically enjoy Branding, App/Website design and Motion. My creative and technological knowledge combine well, allowing for different perspectives when working on projects. 

Alongside my studies, I spend time learning more about the core of App and Website Design, self-teaching HTML and similar programming languages. When outside of my creative bubble, I like to wind down by running and playing RPG computer games!


JDO Raw 0% Alcohol Brand

For this project we had to create a 0% alcohol brand from our chosen drink, I chose to look at a drink like Malibu. I thought about the different flavours to go with the Malibu flavour.

Penguin Book Cover

For this project we had to choose from 3 different books that Penguin had on their website and design a cover for them, I chose to look at a book called Wonder, there was a different route I could have gone but I like the way I went.

Innovative coffee brand

For this project we had a choice from two different briefs. I chose to go with an innovative coffee brand as I thought it would be a challenge and I am passionate about Branding, so this helped me broaden my knowledge.