finley o'brien

Hello, I’m Finley, a Graphic Design student finishing his third year at Plymouth College of Art, and I live in Looe, Cornwall.

I am a designer with a range of skills, with a massive focus in Branding and Animation, as well as video production and editing, I am a creative person with an eye for originality and making my work stand out.

Alongside my current design work, I specialise in freelancing, and while my hobby is still graphic design I enjoy working with Musical producers, rappers and DJ’s to make graphics and illustrations for their shows or albums, Other than that,  I myself DJ and find joy in music as well as skateboarding and playing mindless video games.


warp records advertisement

A passion project of mine, a musical advert for Warp Records featuring Aphex Twin and was created with me and my friends, It’s style is reminiscent of early/mid 2000’s music videos of the same genre. I enjoyed this as a big part of my life has been Warp Records and having the opportunity to do this as well as tick off a module of uni, I had to take that chance.

giffgaff recycle

I did this advert for D&AD for the giffgaff brief, It was a super interesting project to do, It may of not won but it was still very fun to do, and i’m proud to have made this especially in lockdown where I had very little access to the resources i used to make this video