Hi, my name is nell I’m interested in branding and digital marketing design, I also enjoy illustration and have a passion and interest in photography.



This is a concept for the penguin campaign to make the school syllabus more diverse. I was trying to come up with something we all have and we can all recognise and relate to, the first thing that came to mind was fingerprints. So I drew a basic pattern of a fingerprint, and used lots of neutral colours to represent all skin tones. 


Hip-Hop magazine covers i did for a project on the second year of my graphic design course. My idea was to mess around with different mediums of art including collage using photographs and paints to create texture and make the  overlook a bit different to anything you’ve seen before. I also explored using different type fonts and features on photoshop and illustrator, to create different looks and expand my outcomes.


These were some prints I designed for buy to sell in second year, they were designed to be postcards, but I decided they looked really good as bigger prints to hang on the wall as well like they are displayed to the left. They are my own original photography from around Plymouth and then I collaged them into prints using scraps of old textured pieces of work.