Hi there. My name is Daniel, I am a Graphic Design student in my third and final year at Plymouth College of Art, and I was born, raised, and currently living in Plymouth.

I consider my specialties in Graphic Design to be Branding & Typography. I have always had a knack for branding, such as creating logos and identities, whether that be for friends and families ventures, or for my personal brands. I have also always had a fascination with typography, and the many ways in which you can utilize a typeface. I have also dabbled in creating my own typefaces to use for personal projects too.

I’ve always found staying motivated to be quite hard, especially during the pandemic, so I started meditation and mindfulness practices last year, as well as beginning to read books daily in my spare time, which I have found has made me less stressed and more creative. I also avidly binge series and stream music when I want to relax.



‘No Glove No Love” is a social campaign I designed to promote the importance of safe sex amongst young people, encouraging them to use protection, and to get tested on a regular basis.


D!Y is a filter coffee brand I created that encourages productivity from the very start of the day, and by promoting the “do it yourself” mindset by starting your day by doing one of the simplest things, which is making a cup of coffee in the morning.


DE Titan is a custom geometric typeface I designed with the future in mind. The typeface features sharp edges that immediately stands out from other geometric fonts, and is also versatile, meaning that the individual characters are adaptable, and can be altered depending on the use-case within different mediums such as print and digital.