Hi! I'm Charlotte, a third year Graphic Communication student studying at Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth is my hometown where I live with my partner and four year old son.  

Graphic Design has always been a passion of mine, before I even understood what it was! I am interested in brand identity, packaging design and advertising. I also enjoy utilising my illustrative skills in my design process.  

Alongside my design work, I enjoy working on pencil/digital portraits. My passion for digital portraiture is what sparked my interest in Graphic Design. Going back to my roots helps me to stay grounded and motivated when it comes to starting work on another brief. Aside from Art based activities I spend time with my family going out for the day to various local attractions, we love to spend time at the beach, zoo or any kind of animal attraction centre.



For this Project I created a brand which focuses on bringing skin cancer awareness to the black community. The No Bias logo is inspired by the African symbol of understanding and is rich in cultural and historical meaning, it has been adapted to be familiar in the 21st century due to its likeness to an icon symbolising healthcare. No Bias is an answer to two problems, education and appeal - No bias, educates black people on their risk of skin damage and provides a solution for sun cream without the drawbacks of having a streaky, ashen cast to the skin, which is an issue many black people face. The brand has a touch of luxury with it’s stylish and modern packaging at an affordable price, which is part of what No Bias value most - accessibility, since there are not as many brands to choose from for consumers with black skin, affordability for customers was important.